The GoGeomatics Canada T shirt
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Toronto & Niagara Launch Party Pictures

On September 28th in Toronto, and 29th in Niagara, GoGeomatics Canada held our regular socials and Jonathan Murphy the managing director of GoGeomatics Canada came to hang out with the groups in both locations.  We had a great time. It was a first time for many of the guests.  Glad to have you.  Don’t forget to tell your geomatics colleagues and friends so they can meet you there at the next one!

The Next Toronto GoGeomatics event is on October 26th. Click here for more information on the social.

 The next Niagara GoGeomatics Social is on October 27th. Click here for more information and the details to get there.

Congratulations to the coupon winners at the events last week. We gave out prizes for job seekers and geomatics businesses. Get in touch to redeem yours.

Also a big thank you to our sponsors of the food in Toronto, CARIS and TECTERRA.  TECTERRA also sponsored some food at the Niagara event so another thank you to them for that.

If you know the names of the people in the pictures please write them in the comments at the bottom of the page and we will update the photos with the folks in them.  As well apologies to those not pictured, a lot of people showed up later in the evenings and did not get in the photos.

The GoGeomatics Canada T shirt


To start us off thank you to everyone who signed our T Shirt commemorating the launch of the new GoGeomatics Canada.  Deanna our community manager is holding the shirt and no, she is not extra tiny, the Tshirt is extra large. It’s a double extra large.

Toronto GoGeomatics Group Pictures

Cameron Toronto Group Leader GoGeomatics Canada

A full table of geomatics enthusiasts

The GIS Guys


The Niagara GoGeomatics Group Social

The Niagara gang devouring some snacks

The Niagara GoGeomatics Group Social


GoGeomatics Canada wants to thank everyone who came out for these fun free geomatics networking events. As well a big shout out to Cam in Toronto for putting his events together and to Darren in Niagara who as always brings his enthusiasm and love of geography to everything he does.  I hope to hear Janet makes it to your next one. (Sorry inside joke folks.)

We had a great time at your events.  We will be seeing you again soon.  We might be seeing some new groups starting up in cities outside of Ontario as well. We’ll keep you posted.

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