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Calgary’s Morgan Ostrander Named Outstanding 2021 GoGeomatics Group Leader for Canada

I’m excited to announce that Morgan Ostrander, GoGeomatics community leader for Calgary, is the 2021 national leadership award winner. Morgan’s outstanding efforts leading the Calgary geospatial community pre-covid, as well as during the pandemic, exemplifies the spirit of the GoGeomatics community. Morgan is a GIS specialist and data analyst. Morgan has said about herself that:

Clear communication is my top priority. As a GIS data specialist and writer, I’m committed to making data easy to understand.

Morgan Ostrander – Calgary, GoGeomatics Group Leader
Morgan Ostrander

Morgan has lead the Calgary Meetup Group for over two years. When we moved our activities online, she was the first to raise her hand and volunteer. Morgan has taught web mapping workshops giving generously of her time and expertise. She did this not only for the GoGeomatics Meetup members across Canada, but for all the participants who signed up for the free workshop at GeoIgnite 2021 in April. Congratulations Morgan and thank you for stepping up and being a leader.

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