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Canada’s Lidar event is Two Weeks Away: LiDAR CANEX!

The wait is almost over!

Join Us for Lidar CANEX LiDAR Canex, a completely virtual B2B event that matches reality capture lidar vendors with practicing 3D professionals from Canada and beyond, will be here April 25, 2023, with workshops following on April 26, 2023. Registration is open!

Welcome the Speakers of LiDAR Canex

Jonathan Murphy, GoGeomatics Canada Managing Director, with Dr. Tim Webster, NSCC Annapolis Valley Campus Research Scientist will start things off with their welcome and opening statements.

Dr. Tim Webster, NSCC Annapolis Valley Campus Research Scientist, is our opening Keynote speaker. Dr. Webster will discuss some observations of lidar technology over the past two decades. LiDAR sensors in the early days, the evolution of Terrestrial LiDAR into mobile mapping systems and the improvement of collection efficiency, as well as the latest SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) lidar on drones to be used in GPS denied environments like mines and tunnels will be discussed.

Sven Cowen, NV5 Geospatial Canada Program Manager, joins us as a speaker and will be addressing the topic, “LiDAR: An End-to-End Journey from Acquisition to Customer Solutions.” The geospatial industry is at an inflection point thanks in part to the power of LiDAR. The presentation will take the audience on a LiDAR journey: from acquisition, processing, analysis, to customer solutions.  Data fusion and automation, powered by AI/ML will be key parts of this story.  

Gaspar Lima, NavVis Sr. Channel Partner Americas, will be speaking on “SLAM technology and the future of laser scanning.” In this presentation, you will discover how to carry out complex reality capture projects with exceptional turnaround times and results – thanks to SLAM. This technology is a key differentiator between mobile mappers, and today’s best mobile solutions are capable of producing high-quality data that often exceeds expectations for most projects and tasks.


The topic of “Innovations in LiDAR: The latest tech across industries” will be addressed by David Laflamme, Cansel Segment Manager, Mobile Mapping and Amar Kalsi, Cansel 3D Reality Capture Industry Manager.

Calvin Klatt, PhD, Natural Resources Canada Director, Canadian Geodetic Survey, will be discussing “Positioning Lidar and the Canadian Geospatial Industry for the Future.” The Canadian Geodetic Survey provides the Canadian Spatial Reference System Precise Point Positioning service (CSRS-PPP) to support clients requiring accurate GNSS information.  The service is used internationally and over 1.2 million GNSS files are now process annually. 

The CSRS-PPP service has a kinematic mode that is known to support Lidar data collection.  Some recent statistics on kinematic services will be presented and expo attendees are invited to provide feedback on the service.

Jennifer Triana, Director of Business Development, will be holding a session hosted by TopoDOT. She will cover the topic of “Leveraging Point Cloud Project Data for Effective Support of 3D Design/Construction Processes.” This presentation aims to show the transportation industry’s most productive software solution for Digital As-Built modeling from point cloud data. You will see how the TopoDOT®’s comprehensive tool suite allows you to establish a highly productive process to manage data, assess quality and extract CAD and GIS products exceeding your customers’ requirements and expectations.

The Industry Panel Discussion will be made of Dr. Tim Webster, Gaspar Lima, Mohamed Hassanein, Cansel Trainer & part of the technical support team, and Jennifer Triana. They will discuss  “What is the future of Lidar?”

Be sure to register today! Registration closes Friday, April 21, 2023.

Free Workshops willf follow on April 26, 2023. Prepare for in-depth workshops with industry leaders such as RIEGL and NavVIS among others. Note: a separate registration is needed for each workshop.


Thank you to Lidar CANEX gold sponsors

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