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Canadian Geospatial & Geographic Associations Update 2021

Networking is incredibly valuable in today’s working world. In any industry, who you know and what you’re a part of means so much. Not to mention that it’s always great to interact with people and groups who share the same interest and passions as you do. If you’re looking to dive deeper into the Canadian geospatial community, there are plenty of interesting and active associations you can join.

GoGeomatics Canada has updated our list of Associations for you

For over 5 years, GoGeomatics has had a thorough list of associations and groups related to GIS, Remote Sensing, Geomatics, Surveying, and Geography, and recently we have updated it in terms of membership fees, contacts, and websites. If a “Geo” association you’re affiliated with isn’t listed, or if there’s even newer information we should add, please contact us and let us know so we can make further updates!

What associations can do for you

Our list includes associations of all sizes and not just ones in Canada, either, so no matter where you live, they’re worth checking out. The news they share, the jobs they post, and the services they offer are truly fascinating and valuable to their community. Some of these associations have been around for decades, so they’re a great resource for knowledge from people who have been in the industry for their whole careers.

Networking isn’t always easy, especially in a pandemic, but being a part of a prestigious association helps so much. There are even student rates for most places, so people just starting their GIS careers can join in.

Join one today!

There are plenty of associations and groups in our database that don’t have membership fees, so don’t hesitate to join an association that piques your interest because you’ll surely find great value and information from them. We’re happy to shine a spotlight on these fantastic groups that really help make the geospatial industry in Canada and around the world such a great one.

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