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Emesent Achieves Survey-Grade with SLAM-base Mapping


Emesent, Autonomous, LiDAR mapping

Emesent recently launched its Hovermap ST to assist in the improvement of LiDAR mapping.

On April 5, 2022, at the LiDAR COMEX 2022, a live stream presentation on “Achieving Survey-Grade with SLAM-based LiDAR Mapping” was given by Emesent CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Stefan Hrabar, and Jordan Herrmann, Technical Sales Manager at Emesent.

Dr. Stefan Hrabar, Emesent CEO and Co-Founder

The company is revolutionizing mobile mapping with its Hovermap HF1 and Hovermap ST. 

SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping, is the rapid mapping of complex environments. The challenge SLAM often faces is getting fast data capture or having data accuracy.

Hrabar began the presentation by speaking about the original Hovermap HF1 and its impact on mapping in hard-to-reach areas to gather data. It’s versatile, easy to use, has high-quality mapping, and has autonomy. When Emesent was looking to improve on this model, they decided to work on the IP rating, reduce the size and weight, and arm orientation without impacting map quality or autonomy capabilities. 

Jordan Herrmann, Technical Sales Manager at Emesent.

The outcome was the Hovermap ST. The problems were solved after hours of extensive testing in harsh environments and addressing challenges. Hovermap ST was “redesigned from the ground up.” This generation has an IP rating of 65, proving it can be used in dusty or rainy conditions. It is 20% smaller, weighs 1.6 kg (3.5 lb), and can be used in -10 to 45 C (14 to 113 F). Hrabar then took participants deeper into the Hovermap ST design.

Hovermap is often faster than other tools, and during a demonstration, showed it can be used in urban scanning, road and other types of construction, large topography, BIM mapping, tunnels, and mines.

Herrmann spoke about GCPs (Ground Control Points), and why we need them. GCPs eliminate drift and createaccurate data. The benefits of GCPs include non-rigid transformations that reduce error, survey-grade accuracy creating greater outputs, streamlined processes with automatic constellation matching, non-stop scanning, and automatic drift and slip elimination.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Emesent on being a Gold Sponsor for LiDAR COMEX 2022.

You can watch the presentation on YouTube below.