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GeoIgnite: Winter Geo conference returns for fourth annual run

Climate change is the topic of discussion from March. 1 to 10

The fourth annual conference for the geospatial community, GeoIgnite: Winter Geo, is on from March. 1 to 10. This year, the topic of discussion is climate change.

As always, the conference will play host to experts from the geospatial community as they host talks, present findings and hold workshops to educate people further in the field.

The reason behind climate change being the theme of this year’s conference is urgency says Jon Murphy, chair and founder of the conference.

“The urgency of the issue [is why we’re focusing on climate change]. The geospatial community in Canada and around the world is on the front lines of climate change. Many of us collect the data, do the analysis and write the reports. This is our fourth year and it was time to turn our attention to climate change,” he said.

Presentations will run from March. 1 to 3 and includes a keynote each day. Keynote presentations kick off on March. 1, with “Maxar Powering the Global Shift from 2D to 3D,” given by Daniel Nord, chief product officer and SVP of Maxar Technologies. On March. 2, “Planetary Scale: A Geospatial Lens,” will be given by Will Cadell, CEO of Sparkgeo. Finally, on March. 3, “State of the Geospatial Industry,” will be presented by Sanjay Kumar, Founder and CEO of Geospatial world.


Starting March. 4 and running until the end, workshops and training will take up the remainder of the conference, offering up the likes of job-hunting seminars, best practices for project planning and an abundance of other types of workshops presented by groups like Planet and Maxar.

As the national conference for the Canadian geospatial community, Murphy says what makes this conference stand out is their partnerships.

“What makes us very special in the Canadian geospatial community is that we go above and beyond to partner with other organizations and media outlets,” said Murphy. “The first conference was created to fill a gap in the Canadian geospatial ecosystem. There was no national leadership conference for all things geospatial in Canada. It started in person and is now online. We want to return to in person but we have also discovered an audience of engage and interested conference participants that could never fly to event each year and cover all the costs associated with that. So, while during the current pandemic we are online we will reconnect the community in person with an in-person event in the real world. We will have Winter Geo online each winter to serve this community and when possible, return to in person during the fall.”

This year, in addition to a ticket for the conference hosted over Zoom, anyone can now watch the conference over YouTube live.

Registration to the conference is free and can be done by visiting www.sites.grenadine.co/sites/gogeomatics/en/geoignite-winter-geo-canada-s-national-geospatial-conference-2022/register.

Registration closes Feb. 28.