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Geomatics in Canada is about to Change: CGCRT Steering Committee Articles


For the past three months, the Steering Committee (SC) of the Canadian Geomatics Community Round Table (CGCRT) has been publishing articles on the CGCRT.ca blog.  They have been doing this in the hopes of stirring debate and creating interest in the mission and vision of the CGCRT.  Why is this important to us as Canadian geospatial practitioners, students, academics, and businesses?  It’s important because these articles, and the CGCRT as a whole, are helping to put together a strategy that is going to set the course for our sector over the next decade.  Aren’t you curious about what these people think and how it will affect every aspect of geomatics in Canada?  After you know what their thoughts and opinions are, they are hoping that you will let them know what you think!  You can do that by emailing them at communications@cgcrt.ca

In case you’ve missed these articles, GoGeomatics Canada is listing them here in order by publication date.   Some of these articles have gotten quite a lot of attention, either  through the comments at the bottom of the posts themselves or on social media through re-tweets and conversations on LinkedIn.  If you want to join the CGCRT LinkedIn group please click here.

If you happen to be in Ottawa for Easter, please consider joining GoGeomatics Canada and the CRSS at the University of Ottawa to debate and discuss the National Strategy.  You can find more information here.

Draft Vision and Strategy for the Geomatics Sector in Canada  James Boxall February 10th, 2014

Leadership and Governance – Finding a New Way to Work Together Ann Martin February 17th, 2014

Join Canada’s Surveyor General for a National Dialogue to Revitalize the Geomatics Community Peter Sullivan February 24th

Additional considerations for education and capacity building  Robert Maher February 26th, 2014

Canadian Geospatial Data Sources: If Silos Could Speak…  David Monaghan March 3rd, 2014

Data, Data and More Data – but what about Core Canadian Data?  Elaine Dawson March 10, 2014

Strategic Project Investment in the Canadian Geospatial Sector Vivienne Wu March 17, 2014

How Do We Save The Canadian Geospatial Sector? Tony Sani  March 19th, 2014

Business Model : Identifying the rationale of how the geomatics community captures value Andrew MacNeil March 24, 2014

A Team Canada for Professional Surveyors and Geospatial Scientists Part 1 Norm Cote March 24, 2014

A Team Canada for Professional Surveyors and Geospatial Scientists Part 2 Norm Cote March 26, 2014

Toronto Geospatial Students Give Input on New Canadian Geomatics Strategy Susie Saliola April 14th, 2014


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