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Geoselec joins forces with the European manufacturer GeoDyn Technology

Quebec City, May 12th, 2022 | Geoselec, the Canadian leader in aerial film digitization, has established an important partnership with Geodyn. This distribution and operating agreement now allows Geoselec to digitize its aerial photography archives at an unprecedented pace. While Geoselec‘s unique expertise is archive management and aerial photography digitization, GeoDyn’s specialization is cutting-edge, high-speed photogrammetric film capture.

According to Geneviève Grenier, the president of Geoselec, “this timely partnership will enable the company to win the race against the clock,” a comment referring to the degradation of historical acetate films and the importance of perpetuating this geographical heritage as quickly as possible.

With this partnership, GeoDyn Technology can now access the Canadian market. The PromptSCAN equipment has been developed with the objective of revolutionizing the industry. Rolf Becker, Owner of GeoDyn Technology, states: “The key to giving decision-makers quick analyses of their territory over several decades is the unprecedented rapidity of our technology and the highly experienced team at Geoselec.”

With a common mission, these two players are inviting all owners of analog film archives to contact them for more information.

About Geoselec

Geoselec is the Canadian leader in the digitization and distribution of historical and current aerial photography. Through its e-commerce and online distribution platform, Geoselec provides imaging content of varied sources and partners (Nearmap, Gouvernement du Québec, Geoselec, etc.). Its mission is to facilitate access to geospatial data and to contribute to the digital transformation of analog data.

About GeoDyn Technology

Thanks to the German company GeoDyn’s expertise, time-saving capture and state-of-the-art equipment, access to the untapped world-wide aerial photography data, which spans several decades, is quickly available. The team at GeoDyn Technology has over 150 years of combined experience and has carried out projects in over 50 countries, offering services from digitization to georeferencing, as well as technological development.

Source : geoselec.com

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Geneviève Grenier | CEO | genevieve.grenier@geoselec.com