Calgary 2015 GoGeomatics Social
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Getting Ready for the 2016 GoGeomatics Back to School Socials

The GoGeomatics Canada Community had a terrific set of socials last season.  We get together each month over drinks, from September to May, and network in many cities across Canada  (See list below).  Last year our geospatial networking season started with our very successful September 2015 Back to School Socials.  We had hundreds of members of the community come out and meet new and returning geospatial students across Canada.  A big thank you to our group leaders who made these events so good.  Our Back to School socials have become a bit of a Canadian geomatics tradition now, and we will be having our third set of the same this coming September.  We have our dates below and the links will take you to the pages for the groups that have them ready.Calgary 2015 GoGeomatics Social

Vancouver, BC – Wednesday, September 21
Nelson, BC – Thursday, September 22
Kelowna, BC – Thursday, September 22
Calgary, AB – Wednesday, September 21
Edmonton, AB – Thursday, September 22
Niagara, ON  – Saturday, September 24
Toronto, ON – Thursday, September 15
Kingston, ON – Wednesday, September 21
Peterborough, ON – TBA
Ottawa, ON – Thursday, September 29
Halifax, NS – Friday, September 23

We have two new GoGeomatics groups in Kingston, Ontario; and Kelowna, BC.  That’s ten groups across Canada now.  When we started we only had a few groups in Ontario; now 5 years later we go from coast to coast.  We bring thousands of geospatial students, professionals, managers, educators, and leaders together each year in small intimate events around the country.   If your organisation, company, or group wants to get involved please get in touch with GoGeomatics Canada by emailing



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