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GIS Day in Canada: Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Every year since 1999, the geospatial community has been celebrating GIS Day and this year it is on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.  GIS Day

GIS Day was created by Esri in order to promote grassroots educational events around the use of geographic information systems (GIS).  Users and vendors of GIS open their doors in order to showcase the real-world applications of GIS.

GIS Day has become a global event. Organizations all over the world that use GIS, or are interested in GIS, participate by holding or sponsoring an event of their own.

Why you should participate in GIS Day?

GIS Day is a perfect day to promote, explore, discover GIS by showcasing how GIS can work for anybody and network with other geographically minded people.

Want to showcase a project?

You can participate by  registering a project, such as:

  • A GIS demo
  • A historical map
  • UAV flight data results
  • community resolution project
  • any GIS project

Examples of projects can be found here:

How and where do I participate in GIS day?

To participate please Register your location and project. If you want to attend local events, please visit GIS Day Canada to find participating location near you (click interactive map in middle of page). Otherwise, please visit GIS Day worldwide page.

Don’t forget to book your day and have fun!

Links to more information about GIS Day:

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