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GoGeomatics Accepting Press Releases: Share Your News with the Canadian Geospatial Community

Do you have exciting news to share with the Canadian geomatics community?press releases

GoGeomatics Canada is accepting press releases to publish in the Newsmakers section of our online magazine. Not only will your press release appear on the award-winning GoGeomatics website, but it will also be included in our bi-weekly email newsletter. In the past, we have published press releases from companies such as: PCI Geomatics, TECTERRA, ING Robotic Aviation, Azavea, and Caliper.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • All press releases must be related to geomatics and have a Canadian connection
  • We will accept press releases on select Canadian geospatial events
  • We will consider publishing your press release based on the content and relevance to our audience

The goal of GoGeomatics Canada is to provide content, services, and products to the Canadian geomatics community. We achieve this goal by providing networking and relationship building tools to help the Canadian geomatics community grow stronger.

Please send your press releases to Sandra at communications@gogeomatics.ca.

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