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GoGeomatics announces: Geography Awareness Week Program 2022

GoGeomatics is celebrating Geography Awareness Week and GIS day 2022 by hosting a series of talks and webinars. The first day(17th) is free for everyone wishing to attend online. The second day (19th) is our popular geospatial job seekers webinar. Get your early bird tickets now.

GoGeomatics Geography Awareness Week Program

November 17th, 2022 Online Talks

Canadian Geospatial Workforce Roundtable Discussion: How have work and life changed in a post-COVID world?

GoGeomatics has invited geomatics professionals from across Canada to gather and discuss their experiences in a post-lockdown environment. Our lives have all changed. How has working in the geospatial sector in Canada changed since 2019?

GoGeomatics Canada Federal Government Geospatial Jobs Showcase 

After the roundtable discussion, stay online with us as we hear from some of Canada’s most prestigious and exciting geospatial workplaces in the federal government of Canada.

Presentations from the Federal Department will discuss the opportunities for full-time placement, co-ops, and contract opportunities and how to access them.

Joining us are

  • Statistics Canada
  • Department of National Defence
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Canadian Space Agency

November 19th, 2022 Geospatial Job Seekers Webinar

This half-day online career seminar is designed to give not just students and new grads insights on job hunting, but seasoned geomatics professionals the tools they need to succeed in the Canadian and international geospatial job market. The seminar is particularly focused on those seeking work in GIS, cartography, remote sensing, programming, and other related geospatial fields. Get your early bird ticket now.

We are so excited and looking forward to celebrate Geography Week Events with you this November! If you have any questions, please email us info@gogeomatics.ca.

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