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Introducing OASIS, a New Project by Deploy Solutions

Deploy Solutions is offering a new service to share the insights, research, expertise, and technology from original climate-change software.

This software is called OASIS .

The OASIS software blends free and paid premium content and professional services that are all related to projects dealing with climate change. 

Deploy Solutions started researching ways, in 2019, to help everyone from governments and communities, to individuals, by using this software.  OASIS had to be able to adapt, collaborate, prepare, and respond to the problems, risks, and impacts caused by climate change. Hundreds of students and citizens of Canada were worked with and surveyed on a wide variety of both non-technical and technical topics. After the data was collected, work on a software prototype to include all the ideas began.

It quickly became clear to Nick Kellet, Founder and CEO of Deploy Solutions that building climate change-related applications was not going to be like normal software development.

Nick Kellet, CEO and Founder of Deploy Solutions.


“There are all kinds of challenges to overcome and considerations that need to be made. At the same time, there is no practical ‘roadmap’ or information that explains how to build such software,” says Kellet. “We have now accumulated years of expertise and insights. We’ve shared our progress at GeoIgnite every year. During just a few years, climate change disasters have been rapidly increasing in scope and severity.”

Kellet decided it was time to close the information gap. This was possible by offering a Premium service to share knowledge and help anyone with climate change projects, as well as support Deploy Solutions’ R&D efforts.

There is a weekly newsletter that can be purchased for a monthly fee. OASIS+ subscribers get extra access to premium content and regular webinars. On-demand consulting and software development assistance on climate-change-related projects is available. Additional content, resources, and code can be provided. 

Kellet says, “ It’s primarily a B2B and B2GOV offering. The target audience are decision makers who belong to what we call ‘Trusted Authorities.’”

The “Trusted Authorities” are organizations which have either a climate-change-related mandate, or are working on projects that would find climate-change software development beneficial.

Although just launched, subscribers include members of municipal governments and eNGO members. Kellet expects consulting firms, data brokers, insurance companies, banks, and academic institutions will soon join.

The weekly newsletter is free, but if  OASIS+ subscribers want access to premium content and other webinars, they can pay $25 a month. For a fixed price or a decided hourly rate, on-demand consulting or assistance with software development can be provided for climate change related projects.OASIS is flexible, which adds value to a project.

The first few issues laid the foundations for the most recent issue. It is about the “importance of space and Earth Observation in the climate change fight.” In the next few weeks Kellet hopes to talk about specific challenges the climate change related software development faces, as well as ways to overcome the challenges. Subscriber feedback is always welcome and Kellet promises they will adjust things as needed.

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