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Register Now For GeoIgnite 2022 Winter Geo

GoGeomatics is proud to present GeoIgnite, Canada’s largest geospatial conference. This year, Winter Geo 2022 is being held March 1st-3rd, and once again it is completely virtual. The event has been expanded due to popular demand, and an extra day has been added to the Workshop Week that is taking place from March 4th-10th.

Registration is now open! Thanks to the wonderful support of the sponsors, GeoIgnite is free for everyone in the geospatial community to attend.

There will be panels, talks, presentations, and more. This is the place to be for diving into the exciting work done not just in Canada but around the world. Learn about new technology, new projects, and new developments while getting to know the community and some industry leaders a bit better.

For example, Sparkgeo CEO Will Cadell will be giving a keynote speech on planetary scale. There’ll be keynotes from the Chief Product Officer of Maxar, the founder of Geospatial World, and the return of exciting GeoIgnite staples like the Geospatial Directors General panel.

For more info on GeoIgnite 2022, click here. To get your ticket for this can’t-miss event, click here.

Organizations | GeoIgnite: “Winter Geo” Canada’s National Geospatial Conference 2022 (grenadine.co)

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