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Spotlight on Aurora Consulting Presenting: “Digital Transformation: Our New Reality” at GeoIgnite 2020

Join us at GeoIgnite 2020 online for Enterprise Architect, Bilyana Anicic, who will share her perspective on the new era of human experience that is upon us. The current disruption brought by the COVID-19 crisis has thrust us from a mere “digital transformation” into a new digital reality.

The COVID-19 crisis is rapidly reshaping the “what” and “how” of digital transformation agendas. Through leveraging IoT, Big Data, blockchain, AI, location intelligence, etc., organizations are improving their operations and business decisions.

Bilyana Anicic – President Aurora Consulting

At Aurora Consulting, we can help you bridge the divide between IT and business and drive digital transformation with the ability to communicate in terms that both IT and non-IT stakeholders can understand.
We are passionate about building clients’ success through excellent service delivery and dedication to go “above and beyond” on clients’ behalf.

Empowering Clients

We specialize in Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Data and Digital Strategies, Data Governance, Data Management, and Location Intelligence providing quality consulting services for effective decision support.

We have led and contributed to major e-Government Digital Transformation initiatives, including Privy Council Office IM-IT Modernization Initiative and e-Cabinet, Government of Canada’s Federal Geospatial Platform (FGP), Open Government – Open Maps, and a number of Departmental Data and Digital Strategies and Enterprise Architecture programs.

Organizations that view data as an asset will discover innovative ways to optimize business processes, deliver value to clients, and build a stronger competitive advantage. We help organizations become more agile, open, and user-focused from strategy to delivery.

Strong business results come from aligning people, processes and technology. We achieve results through an extensive understanding of business architecture, strategy, people, processes, and systems.
We design and steer the development of the technology landscape and mitigate risks by setting operating standards and cross-functional collaboration.

We have a consistent record of achievement in delivering projects in line with clients’ business needs, with the ability to identify user needs, envision the solution, develop strategy, estimate resources and deliver projects on time and within budget.

Bilyana Anicic – Aurora Consulting

We are passionate about Geomatics and leveraging location as the interoperability “glue” for Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).
We applied that passion on a number of Canadian and international initiatives in different industry verticals, including environmental, defence, cadastral, real estate, economic development, health, mining, utilities, oil and gas and transportation, and federal, provincial/state and local governments.

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