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The TECTERRA GoGeomatics Halifax Social: Another Succesful Event

Last night GoGeomatics launched the first monthly networking event in Halifax. All told we counted 25-26 people at the event. We will be doing this once a month and we hope if you missed this one you will come to the next one. Send us an email to get on the reminder list. GoGeomatics Canada wants to thank TECTERRA for sponsoring the event.  We tweeted up a storm last night between the Ottawa and Halifax socials as they are on the same night.

James Boxall @JamesGIS
Ted MacKinnon @CanadianGIS
Deanna Sokoloski @CanadianGISgirl
Philipp Schnetzer@GISBuzz
Jon Neufeld @TECTERRA

Our thanks to the community and the many individuals that have welcomed GoGeomatics Canada to Halifax and Nova Scotia. Some of the folks and groups that helped promote this event are, GANS, the CIG in Nova Scotia, and COGS.  (I will publish a larger list of thanks to the many many individuals who helped out when I get back to Ottawa)

Here are some pictures from the event. GoGeomatics Twitter Halifax GoGeomatics Halifax_Gen halifax_social halifax_social_2


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