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Traces of the Past: 1917 Vimy Ridge Map Project Video Presentation GoGeomatics in Ottawa

Bert de Bruijn is an Ottawa IT security consultant and founder of the WikiWar Project. Bert is passionate about Crowdsourcing and Geovisualizing War History. A former member of the Canadian armed forces he’s been a member of the GoGeomatics meetup since February 2012. The Youtube video is a presentation he gave in March of 2018 discussing the process of turning an old 1917 paper map of Vimy into a modern digital one.

Bert de Bruijn is a fourteen year enterprise IT veteran consultant specializing in Windows server security and systems integration for the Government of Canada’s largest network. He is also a software developer, entrepreneur, and founder of 3Source Inc., a company focused on creating crowdsourced geovisualization tools to accelerate learning and expand global knowledge.

Bert is also the founder of WikiWar, a project to structure and geovisualize the entirety of human military history. He is ideally suited for such an undertaking, drawing from his eclectic background which includes seven years in the infantry, his university studies in medieval English and history, and his service excellence in enterprise IT configuration management.

He recently founded the WikiWar Heritage Council, a non-profit corporation which acts as the trusted data custodian for the WikiWar project and ensures the integrity and availability of this collaborative research to all.