Book Your Booth and Save: Early Bird Pricing for the GoGeomatics Expo Trade Show Now Open!
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Book Your Booth and Save: Early Bird Pricing for GoGeomatics Expo Trade Show Now Open!

The GoGeomatics Community has some exciting news to share with the sector regarding our upcoming GoGeomatics Expo Geomatics and Geospatial Technology Trade Show in Calgary, Nov 6-8th.

We wanted to remind all our exhibitors the early bird ticket pricing will be ending on June 1st, so it’s important to act quickly and take advantage of this special offer. This is your chance to save some money while showcasing your products and services to a diverse audience of professionals in the geomatics and geospatial technology industries.

Our booth assignments are based on a first-come, first-served system, which means that the earlier you book, the better your chances are of getting a prime spot in the exhibit hall.

Our trade show is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for anyone interested in the latest innovations and trends in geomatics and geospatial technology. With attendees from all over Canada and the United States, this is a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential customers, partners, and collaborators in the industry.

Booking now offers many advantages:

  1. Preferred Expo booth location: The earlier an exhibitor books their booth, the more likely they are to get a preferred location. The best spots are usually the first to go.
  2. Better planning and preparation: Booking a booth early gives us more time to plan and prepare for the trade show. Having more time to prepare can help exhibitors create a more engaging and successful exhibit.
  3. Early bird pricing and discounts to exhibitors who book their booth early.
  4. Improved promotion: GoGeomatics Exhibitors who book their booth early have more time to promote their participation in the trade show. This can include reaching out to customers, partners, and prospects to invite them to visit the exhibit, as well as social media and other channels.

Booking your booth early gives you a real advantage, including preferred booth locations, better planning and preparation, cost savings, and improved promotion.

So don’t delay, get your booth now while they’re still available at the early bird pricing. We look forward to seeing you at Canada’s Geomatics and Geospatial Technology Trade show in Calgary!

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