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It’s a Wrap: Lidar CANEX Extends a Deep Thank You to Sponsors, Speakers and Participants

Lidar CANEX is a wrap, and was an outstanding success.

Lidar CANEX, Canada’s Commercial Lidar Expo, was held on April 25, 2023, with workshops following on April 26. This conference was a virtual B2B event that matched reality capture Lidar vendors with practicing 3D professionals from North America and beyond.

Attendees had free tickets for the conference, allowing them to enjoy 18 sessions in total. There were 14 on Tuesday, April 25, and four on workshop day, Wednesday, April 26, 2023. The keynote speaker was Dr. Tim Webster, who addressed the changes in mapping Lidar over the last two decades. 

GoGeomatics would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Gold Sponsors, NV5 Geospatial, TopoDot, Cansel and NavVis, and our moderator, Dr. Tim Webster.

See our list of Lidar CANEX 2023 attendees here, and watch all the Lidar CANEX presentations on YouTube.


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