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CubeWerx releases new tools for geospatial analytics

CubeWerx, a leader in providing advanced geospatial web services for data providers announced the release of CubeWerx Analytics – complete usage tracking of web services down to the pixel level.

“Analytics are incredibly important today”, said Glenn Stowe, VP of Product Development at CubeWerx. “As a society, we’re collecting massive amounts of geospatial data, but so far there have been few attempts to capture the way users interact with that data and gain real insight into how it is being used. All that information is being lost. These new tools help close that gap.”

Glenn Stowe, VP of Product Development at CubeWerx

CubeWerx Analytics works by deeply inspecting web service requests and extracting the real geographical questions behind them. Analysts can look at exactly how each data layer is being used, examine hot spots, deep dive into particular users’ behavior or even apply quotas and limits. Usage of web maps, map tiles and feature data can all be tracked, down to the individual pixel or map feature.

For more information about CubeWerx Analytics:

CubeWerx Analytics is a component of the Stratos Geospatial Platform:

About CubeWerx:
CubeWerx is a geospatial products and services company based in Gatineau, QC, Canada. Founded in 1996, it provides open standards-based solutions supporting Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI). The company focuses on the development of cloud-native Geospatial Services, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support the most demanding requirements for the integration, access, and management of geospatial Big Data. CubeWerx technology has helped industries and governments around the world build best-of-breed SDIs, based on the most up-to-date industry standards. More information on CubeWerx products and services is available at www.cubewerx.com.

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