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Future Trends with Dave McIlhagga, President of International Map Industry Association (IMIA)

GoGeomatics Community manager Tanya Tejassvi, had an interesting and insightful conversation with Dave McIlhagga – President of International Map Industry Association. Through the chat, we got to know more about IMIA, as well as Dave’s thoughts on the current and future trends of the mapping industry. You can watch the interview here.

Future Trends Interview with President of the International Map Industry Association (IMIA)

About IMIA

The International Map Industry Association (IMIA) is a global organization that represents the world of maps. IMIA brings together leaders from across the spectrum of mapping and location-oriented businesses to connect, share and learn. IMIA is where mapmakers, publishers, geospatial technology companies, location-based services, content producers, and distributors come together to conduct the business of maps.

The evolution of maps


During the talk a reference to Dave’s past article which discussed if the ongoing trend of digital maps would take over paper maps, which is still a relevant question.

Dave also explains how various roles like cartographer, GIS analyst and geographers have evolved and will continue to do so.

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