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GeoIgnite 2020 Video: How to challenge the Lasers-scanning market at the cost of a drone

Session: How to challenge the Lasers-scanning market at the cost of a drone and simple tools combined with Artificial Intelligence and Pix4D processing software

Session date: July 24, 2020.

J. Carlos Maia, Photogrammetric Eng. – Specialist in Aerial-Triangulation
Emanuele Traversari, Drone To Business Platform CEO and Head of Mentoring Program

J. Carlos Maia and Emanuele Traversari held their session on the last day of GeoIgnite Online. Maia is a photogrammetric expert who specializes in aerial triangulation. Traversari specializes in geospatial technology, specifically: Aerial Photography, Airborne Sensors, Micro UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Drones, GPS, Lidar, DTM/DSM, Orthophoto/Mosaic, 3D data acquisition for Mapping or GIS Applications, and Mobile Mapping Systems. Together they shared how to successfully use drones and photogrammetry during a survey to a high degree of accuracy, using commercial grade tools.

Both data acquisition and data processing are very important to perform a successful drone survey. The recipe for success is to:

  • Know your camera
  • Trust your measurements
  • Control your space
  • Understand your photogrammetric software

With this “recipe” in mind, Maia and Traversari’s presentation offer the viewer insider tips to perform accurate measurements, work with AI algorithms and to use photogrammetric software. I certainly did not realize how these seemingly expensive tools could be cost-effectively used together. Maia and Traversari’s remarkable knowledge and expertise will leave you with the confidence to work with this technology.

This presentation is not to be missed! Following their talk is a detailed Q&A session where we learn even more about this subject.

Watch their presentation below!

GeoIgnite is Canada’s National Geospatial conference hosted by GoGeomatics Canada.

GeoIgnite was held online using Zoom July 22nd to 24th, 2020.  This free event showcased Canadian geospatial community and leaders of Canada’s location technology sector. The conference brought together professionals from government and industry for innovative programming and updates on our sector. Every year GeoIgnite is a unique opportunity for the geospatial community in Canada and abroad to learn, share, and engage with one another at our virtual conference. 

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