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Global Sustainability’s Importance Explained by Geospatial World CEO, Sanjay Kumar

The Importance of Geospatial Knowledge to Sustainability

“Sustainability is everything.”

The March 3, 2022, livestream for the GeoIgnite 2022, Winter Geo conference saw keynote speaker, Sanjay Kumar, the founder and CEO of Geospatial World, speak on the topic of sustainability and the state of the geospatial industry. 

Sanjay Kumar, Founder and CEO of Geospatial World

Kumar explained sustainability as the ability and capacity of civilization to co-exist with the environment. There is an interdependence between the environment, society and the economy, that together create sustainability. Kumar states we need to meet our own needs without compromising the needs of future generations. This includes natural, economic, and social resources. 

The founder of Geospatial World explained Global Risk as per the view of the World Economic Forum and its main aspects. The top three are Social, Environmental, and Economical aspects, but Technological and Geopolitical aspects have been added.

Kumar went on to explain the global economic losses associated with weather-related events. Climate change is a threat to the GDP of many countries. In 30 years, the world’s economy will shrink by 18%. The US, UK,  and Canada could lose 10%, and Europe could lose around 11%. By 2050, China could lose up to 25% of its GDP.

Kumar says the concept of sustainability is still evolving and there are things we need to do. He says we need to acknowledge that “sustainability is everything.” There needs to be conservation, shared resources, common minimum standards of living, and principles of environmental security. 

The geospatial industry is making advances for sustainability. Geospatial knowledge needs to be used for sustainability development. Kumar spoke on geospatial infrastructure and the industry’s value chain. He spoke on the technology trends driving the industry forward, such as artificial intelligence, digital infrastructure, and aerial mapping. 

To get the full amount of knowledge, you can enjoy this presentation from the GeoIgnite 2022, Winter Geo conference on Youtube below.

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