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Halifax GoGeomatics Social Pictures / GANS & Future of Geomatics in Nova Scotia

GoGeomatics hosted one of their monthly social events in Halifax recently that coincided well with the Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia (GANS) monthly event that was held at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.

Science On a Sphere

The evening started with some demonstrations using the museums special exhibit ‘Science on a Sphere’, a room sized globe that through a combination of computers and video projectors displayed remotely sensed imagery onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe.

After everyone was treated to plenty of stunning imagery and reminded of what the great place we all call home (Planet Earth) looks like, the Director of GIS (Colin MacDonald) from Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations delivered a special presentation entitled “Geomatics in the N.S. Government – updates and directions”.

More than 70 students and geomatics professionals from all across the province filled the auditorium to learn about the Province’s newly released Geomatics Strategy and how GIS resources will be pooled together strategically to  deliver better accurate and reliable location based information to all Government departments.

Colin MacDonald, Director of Geographic Information Services at Service Nova Scotia and Municipal RelationsColin’s presentation covered some past accomplishments, provided views of internal geomatics tools and high resolution imagery, and explained how the strategy will help everyone to work together more efficiently. More information about the Province of Nova Scotia’s newly released Geomatics Strategy will soon be made available on the GANS website [http://www.gans.ca].

Then to cap the night off several people headed over to the Ale House for the GoGeomatics social. There was plenty of good food, beverages and Stephen Misner, the GoGeomatics group leader did a great of uniting the GANS members with the GoGeomatics social crowd.

Although GoGeomatics socials have been hosted across the country for a few years now, they have only been happening in Halifax for a few months now and Stephen has been doing a terrific job bringing people together, making sure everyone gets to know one another and helping the GoGeomatics Halifax social events become more popular.  A big Thank you to TECTERRA for their sponsorship of the socials.

He took lots of photos, some have been included below and more of his photos are hosted on the Halifax social Meetup page – http://www.meetup.com/Halifax-GoGeomatics-Canada-Monthly-Networking-Social/photos/17954042) . The next Halifax social will be held on October 30th – hope to see everyone there.


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