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Intergraph Geospatial 2013 Complimentary Seminars Demonstrate Power of Unified Portfolio

With more than 60 new products and product upgrades combined, including exciting new capabilities in GeoMedia and the ERDAS product lines, Intergraph Geospatial 2013 is something we can all be excited about.

In my last post, I wrote that Intergraph’s new Geospatial 2013 product portfolio is united, modern, and dynamic. Have a look here to see what was written. Let’s expand a little more on that. And, if by the end of this post, you find yourself wanting to learn more, please join Intergraph’s geospatial launch events. These complimentary half-day seminars will be hosted by Intergraph geospatial experts who will present and demo the entire portfolio. And make sure you have some time at the end of the day for the networking portion. Details and an agenda can be found below.

The Intergraph Geospatial 2013 product portfolio is the first and only comprehensive solution from a single vendor that connects all geospatial genres – photogrammetry, remote sensing, and GIS – into a convenient, streamlined system.

This unique system frees you to move from step to step in your geospatial workflow without clunky software transitions or awkward data format incompatibilities. You can easily extract the clear, real-world information contained in data from different sources, and share that information rapidly and securely to help everyone in your organization.

Additionally, the portfolio features the widest range of native data format compatibility on the market and adheres to open standards from the OGC and ISO. This interoperability allows the Intergraph products to work well with any other geospatial tools that adhere to these same standards. It also provides seamless integration with your current and future business systems and tools, making it easy to incorporate location-based information into your business processes. It gives YOU the flexibility to choose the data formats and additional tools you’d like to work with.

Please accept my invitation to attend one (or all!) of these launch events.


  • Mississauga, ON (Thurs, March 21) – Four Points Sheraton, 2501 Argentia Road
  • Ottawa, ON (Tues, April 16) – Novotel, 33 Nicholas Street
  • Quebec City, QC (Thurs, April 18) – Delta Quebec, 690 Boulevard René-Lévesque Est
  • Edmonton, AB (Thurs, April 25) – Crowne Plaza, 10111 Bellamy Hill

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