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Mapbox joins GeoIgnite 2019 as Platinum Sponsor

GeoIgnite 2019 has a new platinum sponsor!

Mapbox joins leaders from technology, government and academia in discussing the current and future state of Canada’s location tech sector in Ottawa this June.

With much of the disruptive elements of the new digital economy being driven by the open source revolution the GeoIgnite conference committee is thrilled to announced that Mapbox will join us for the inaugural national geospatial event.

Mapbox is a location data platform that provides the building blocks to add map, search, and navigation features to any digital experience. Mapbox powers apps like Snapchat, Lyft, Bloomberg, Weather.com, and Lonely Planet, crafting maps and developer-friendly location data, APIs, and SDKs. Emphasizing open-source tools, Mapbox helps analytics companies to understand big data, produce imagery, and project assets. Mapbox’s customers can embed custom maps, location search, and turn by turn directions into their apps, built on a network of over 420 million monthly users.

Open source technology is one of Mapbox’s core components. By working with open data communities like OpenAddresses and OpenStreetMap, Mapbox began a tradition of making maps from live anonymous sensor data collected from hundreds of millions of users, open data communities, and data from commercial partners.

Mapbox’s decentralized network of sensors turns data into a live location platform for a connected and automated future, and we are thrilled to have their support at GeoIgnite in June!

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