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October 2013 TECTERRA GoGeomatics Vancouver Social & Pictures

GoGeomatics Canada had its first Vancouver social just this past June. Between now and then, two wonderful things happened. First, we successfully formed a group composed of Geomatics students, professionals, business professionals, and job seekers who attend our socials every month. Second, our group has been increasing in size every month as we receive newcomers who want to network with others in the Vancouver geospatial community.

Who are the people who come to our socials? Simply put, they are a diverse group of geomatics students, professionals and enthusiasts with a diverse and rich background ranging from environmental studies and social sciences to engineering and technology.  They are interested in professional and business opportunities in our sector.

As part of the community myself, I can tell you what do we do at these events. We have a lot of fun networking and making connections.  We discuss the applications of location-based technologies over a huge scope of personal interests.

Each social is special in its own way, and our October social, sponsored by TECTERRA, was no exception. We gathered many students, job seekers, business-minded individuals, and professionals at Kingston Taphouse & Grille (one of the best places for events in downtown Vancouver).

Some of the people who come out are job seekers and we have established specific goals for those looking for Geomatics positions. One goal is to study the process of becoming a certified GIS professional, as discussed in this article by Jonathan Murphy. Another goal is to continue coming to these events in order to network.  One our our participants, Dianne Gray, discusses networking in her article Starting a GIS Career in a Slow Economy and the importance of networking.

Are you a recent graduate or job seeker with a specialization in Geomatics? Please consider  attending one of our socials. Joy Leimanis (Vancouver GoGeomatics Social Group Leader) and I (Anderson) will be happy to welcome you as a member of our group!

I hope to see you next time. Our next social at the Kingston Taphouse & Grille, 755 Richards Street Vancouver, Wednesday the 6th of November, 7 p.m., is sponsored by McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.

Please sign up for our MEETUP group to get reminders and updates about events.

Below are some pictures of the last event:

GoGeomatics Vancouver Social October 2013 GoGeomatics Vancouver Social October 2013

GoGeomatics Vancouver Social October 2013



2 comments on "October 2013 TECTERRA GoGeomatics Vancouver Social & Pictures"

  1. Deanna Sokoloski says:

    So nice to see that the Vancouver group is thriving! Great job Joy and Anderson!

  2. Anderson says:

    Thank you, Deanna. Attending the socials has been a great experience.

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