Neil Thompson: Geospatial Intelligence & Canadian Military (Part 2)

This is the second part of the interview GoGeomatics Canada has done with Neil Thompson, the Managing partner of the…

Should we be called geomatics or something else?

In order to determine whether geomatics is the most appropriate term for this field it may be useful to review…

The Myth of COGS

When Jonathan Murphy mentioned to me ‘the myth of COGS’ as a topic of conversation in Ottawa I agreed to…

Missed Opportunities in Canadian Geomatics: Lessons for the Future?

Jon Murphy knows how to ask some interesting questions – which is perhaps why I like reading what comes out…


Who should attend
– Geomatics Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
– Small and Medium Size Geomatics Company Executives (Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors)
– Geomatics Business Development Managers
– Geomatics Product Development and Technology Managers
There is no cost to attend this event but seating is limited. Only confirmed registrants will be admitted.

There will be time for networking and private meetings provided throughout the day. Request your reservation for this event by February 15th, 2012.

Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Ryerson: A Canadian Geomatics Perspective on our Industry and Future

GoGeomatics has had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Ryerson of KIM Geomatics Corporation.   Along with his…