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Your Canadian Geospatial Briefing for November 25th: Mapping Toronto’s Most Bizarre Intersections; Canada’s 5G Network: USA issues warning; GeoVangelist Wins the 2019 Alex Trebek Medal for Geographic Literacy; Mapping Canada’s Hidden Treasure

Mapping Toronto’s Most Bizarre Intersections

For most people from Toronto, when they think of what their city is known for, many amazing things come to mind, but another is the many busy and confusing intersections.

Peter Gorman, an artist, did a solo bike trip throughout North American. He stayed in Toronto throughout the end of his trip, and stated he was “inspired to portray some of Toronto’s weirdest intersections in a different and creative way”.

The artist posted his minimalist map on reddit, the responses have been mostly positive thus far.

Someone created a minimalist map of Toronto’s weirdest intersections

Canada’s 5G Network: USA issues warning

On Tuesday November 20th, the head of the U.S. Consulate in Toronto, Greg Stanford, spoke at a conference on cybersecurity and cross-border trade issues. During this event that was co-sponsored by Washington, DC, Greg Stanford warned Canadians against allowing wireless network carriers from purchasing Chinese 5G equipment.

US Consul Greg Stanford

Greg Stanford noted that the United States “urge[s] all countries, including Canada, its telecom operators and network users to make the right choice now”. Although during his speech he did not mention what would happen if Canada were to go against the United States on this issue, he does reiterate that they do share a lot of information with Canada; since they are both members of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing co-operative. Other members of this co-operative are the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

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Stay away from Chinese 5G network gear, US consul warns Canada

GeoVangelist Wins the 2019 Alex Trebek Medal for Geographic Literacy.

Andrew Young, a Courtenay teacher, has won the prestigious 2019 Alex Trebek Medal for Geographic Literacy. Although this self-proclaimed “geovangelist” has won multiple awards throughout his career, he does have this to say about this honour:

Teacher Andrew Young in Cathedral Grove teaching students.

“I am incredibly privileged to be a recipient of the Alex Trebek medal…In order to live up to the philanthropic spirit that Mr. Trebek exudes and to thank him for his tireless support of geographic education, I am donating the entire sum of this award to the British Columbia Cancer Foundation for the 2020 Ride to Conquer Cancer, for which Mr. Trebek has graciously allowed me to ride in on his behalf for his battle with pancreatic cancer”.

Andrew Young has been working with his school to pilot an inter-school digital version of his current Grade 12 geography course. The goal is to have this course available to all high schools in his area. In addition, Andrew Young is also piloting a geographical sciences course in order to shed light on the environmental aspects of the field, such as the impact of climate change.

Courtnenay teacher wins prestigious national teaching award

Mapping Canada’s Hidden Treasure

David Eaton, a geophysicist, has headed to Fort St. John, BC to help place 15 seismometers onto the ground. The purpose of this project is to listen for any earthquakes caused by oil and gas exploration in the area.

Many scientists are advocating for this project, also known as Earth-system Observing Network-Réseau d’Observation du Système Terrestre (EON-ROSE). EON-ROSE will also be looking for “geological structures deep below the surface that might underlie lodes of gold or copper” in order to detect mineral deposits. The purpose of this method is to simplify the process for our northern region, where exploration can be made difficult due to harsh weather conditions and a lack of roads.

We look forward to learning more about what EON-ROSE could do following Eaton’s journey into the Canadian wilderness.

Earth scientists push ambitious project to map Canada’s geology

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