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Adam Chrzanowski: A Celebration of 50 Years at UNB

On Thursday, 30 October, the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering celebrated Emeritus Professor Adam Chrzanowski’s 50 years at the University of New Brunswick. Prof. Chrzanowski arrived at UNB in 1964 as a postdoctoral fellow. He subsequently became a faculty member in the fledgling Department of Surveying Engineering and rose through the ranks to become a tenured full professor and chairman of the department, and officially retired in 1998. But that wasn’t the end of his relationship with UNB. He was awarded the title of professor emeritus, established the Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering at UNB, and has continued his active research program right up to the present.

unb profLeft to right: Prof. Adam Chrzanowski, Prof. Anna Szostak-Chrzanowski, Dr. James Michael with Amelia, and Klara Michael (the daughter of Adam and Anna). (Photo: Yun Zhang)

To mark the occasion, Prof. Chrzanowski delivered a lecture entitled “50 Years of Research and Development in Engineering and Mining Surveys at UNB.” It reviewed the history of major developments in engineering and mining surveys at UNB and summarized their world-wide applications. Starting with the participation in the Mt. Kennedy expedition in 1965, the work progressed from the implementation of emerging laser technology into development of new surveying techniques of high precision, through pioneering applications of GPS in ground subsidence studies in the 1980s and the development of a generalized method of geometrical analysis of structural and ground deformations, to the development of fully automated deformation monitoring systems and the development of integrated analysis of structural and rock mass deformations.

Prof. Chrzanowski was introduced by UNB President Emeritus (and GGE faculty member) John McLaughlin. Prof. McLaughlin noted that Prof. Chrzanowski “represented the very best of what our department was about … bringing a wealth of experience, lots of professional details, case studies, and threading all of that into the academic narrative with gusto and passion and with a commitment to the students. It was quite remarkable.”

Prof. Chrzanowski highlighted his contributions to engineering and mining surveying with brief reviews of his subsidence studies in the oil fields of Venezuela; the monitoring of tectonic movements in Peru; the design of geodetic control and tunnelling surveys for the Superconducting Super Collider; the monitoring and analysis of dam deformations in Canada, Pakistan, and the U.S.; and the monitoring of slope stability in open pit mines in Canada, Chile, and Poland.

Following the lecture, a small reception was held for invited guests.

Prof. Chrzanowski is still an active researcher with a current focus on integrated analysis and physical interpretation of rock mass deformation for the mining and energy industries.

The Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering is proud of Prof. Chrzanowski’s contributions to the field of engineering and mining surveying over the past 50 years. As Prof. McLaughlin mentioned, Prof. Chrzanowski “is one of the giants in engineering and mining surveying.” The department wishes him continued success in the years to come.

A video of Prof. Chrzanowski’s lecture is available on YouTube. Thanks to Prof. Yun Zhang and Dr. Attila Komjathy.

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  1. I had the benefit of learning from Adam’s teaching back in the late 60’s. Adam always made time for his students not only during class time but also after hours. I consider it a privledge to have studied under his direction and tuteledge, he always had a practical side which made the tough subjects much easier to understand. Well done Adam!

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