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Association of BC Land Surveyors Rectangle Surveying Riddle

The Association of BC Land Surveyors has been kind enough to allow GoGeomatics Canada to republish the puzzle from the December issue of the Link.  That’s the BC Land Surveyors newsletter.  So for those of you who enjoy a challenge give this puzzle a go.  We will publish the answer when the next issue of the Link comes out.

For the problem this issue, the figure A,B,C,D shown in the sketch is a rectangle. From the data supplied, calculate the sides of the rectangle. This problem comes from a very old book of exam questions (1972) written by R.B. Horner of the Colonial Survey Service, Malaya (retired).

You can send your answers to: John Theed, BCLS, P.O. Box 2070, Sechelt, BC, V0N 3A0

Fax: (604) 885-3196, E-mail: john@skylark.ca

Submitted by: Association of BC Land Surveyors

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