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Canadian BIM and Digital Twin Digest for September 8, 2022

In this Digest: BIM Academy Selected to Deliver Digital Strategy for $1.72 Billion Hospital Redevelopment Project, Kongsberg Digital Transforms Maritime Shipping with Digital Twin, VEERUM Transforms the “How” of the Building and Maintaining the World’s Infrastructure, and North America Hosts International Standards Summit 2022

BIM Academy Selected to Deliver Digital Strategy for $1.72 Billion Hospital Redevelopment Project

BIM Academy has been selected to deliver a digital strategy for a $1.72 billion hospital redevelopment project. The hospital will include a cancer centre. 

The project is for Fraser Health Authority, and is located in British Columbia, Canada. Fraser Health Authority is one of the five publicly funded authorities who are working with the Ministry of Health Canada. 

Image from ArchDaily

BIM Academy will be developing information requirements, coordinating and managing the BIM process. This will keep the project designers, developer, and construction crew aware and informed. Data standards have been specified and aligned to international standards. 

A digital replica of the hospital is being designed so Fraser Health Authority can see the project virtually. Fraser Health Authority is invested in improving and supporting better access to tests and procedures.

The project is currently in the procurement stage. 


Kongsberg Digital Transforms Maritime Shipping with Digital Twin

The challenges of the maritime industry have come face to face with Kongsberg’s digital twin. 

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) is a leading developer of digital twins in the energy sector. This is a new venture for KDI, and the technology of the digital twin creates new possibilities of working, interacting, and transparency between stakeholders. 

The digital twin uses real-time information from vessel insight data infrastructure for trim, advising, 3D visualization, and situational awareness. Operators and shipowners will be offered a common work surface that enables advanced integrated workflows. 

The goal of this digital twin is to support partners by assisting with advanced simulations, trouble-shooting, predictions, maintenance, reduced costs, and operational downtime. Partners of KDI are looking forward to the twin’s benefits of sustainability, electrifying products, and decarbonizing supply chains.

Kongsberg Digital plans to add more visualization and performance components in the coming months. 


VEERUM Transforms the “How” of the Building and Maintaining the World’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure and construction projects are vital to us and the global economy, but are culminating in waste of $1.6 billion a year.

 The waste is from the need for industries to address and resolve issues before those problems impede a project. 

VEERUM, a global software-as-a-service (or SaaS) company, has developed technology, or rather, a digital twin, to monitor and track ongoing work at construction or project sites.  

This digital twin uses information from sources such as CAD, geospatial data, drone imagery, satellites, and IoT sensors, as well as existing design data. The information is used to create exact replicas of the work site, including simulations, to support companies.

National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), has supported VEERUM so the company could grow and expand its business and technology, even through the recent pandemic. NRC IRAP provided assistance through the Innovation Assistance Program during that time. 

The digital twin is already at work in major companies, including NRC IRAP, itself. NCR IRAP is also encouraging VEERUM to continue growing its customer base and networks. VEERUM continues to provide its platform to clients worldwide.

A Canadian-German collaboration between VEERUM and Fraunhofer is currently in progress.


North America Hosts International Standards Summit 2022

Montreal, Quebec is the place to be this October 18-21, 2022.

Next month, Groupe BIM du Quebec and buildingSMART are co-hosting the International Standards Summit, “How to Drive Digital Transformation to Facilitate Resilience in the Built Asset Industry through International Collaboration.”

The summit gives the world the chance to address the situation, as well as the pressures of sustainability and resilience. 

Six hundred international participants are expected to arrive for the summit. Attendees are BIM and Digital Transformational experts. Exhibitions, discussions, demonstrations, and conferences will be held on topics such as openBIM, standards, handling assets, and harmonizing processes among others. 

As well, the first-ever national conference will be held at the same place at the same time. The conference, “How to enable National Digital Twin Ecosystem through openBIM and Connected Technologies.”

Provincial and national initiatives from buildingSMART and Groupe BIM du Quebec will be discussed. 


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