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GeoIgnite 2022: March 1 & 2, Canada’s National Geospatial Conference is Back

GoGeomatics Canada is proud to announce the 4th edition of Canada’s National Geospatial Conference GeoIgnite.

Winter Geo is the name of the online event, which will broadcast from Ottawa on March 1st and March 2nd with a workshop week from March 3-9, 2022 .

Now a tradition on the Canadian geospatial event calendar, this event will continue to bring together the largest audience of geospatial professionals from coast to coast and invite the world to join us as we share and collaborate in an a safe online setting. GeoIgnite is free for the entire Canadian Geospatial community. Soon you can claim your free ticket.

GeoIgnite 2021… Most Successful National Conference to Date!

Call for Sponsors, Presenting Partners, Workshops

GeoIgnite will showcase the current and future landscapes of emerging technology, providing attendees with updates on technology, data, services, and thought leadership. It will bring the latest innovations and the next generation of disruptive geospatial technologies under one roof for two days of connection and collaboration.

Free and Open to the entire Canadian Geospatial Community

Last year, GeoIgnite made registration open and free for everyone in the Canadian Geospatial community. We will continue this new tradition and ensure the largest and most diverse audience possible is attracted to this event.

A Doorway into the Canadian Geospatial Market

Canada’s National Geospatial Conference is the most popular and effective platform for engaging with the Canadian geomatics and geospatial community. Introduce your services, hardware, software and thought leadership to the community.

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