GoGeomatics Expo Shines a Light on Canada’s Geomatics Education Excellence
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GoGeomatics Expo Shines a Light on Canada’s Geomatics Education Excellence

Emphasis on Education and Careers at the Inaugural GoGeomtics Expo

The 2023 GoGeomatics Expo is a community event that is working closely with SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and the University of Calgary to make this a successful introduction for all who may be interested in a geomatics career.

Carina Butterworth

Carina Butterworth
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Carina Butterworth, Educational Member and Instructor at SAIT,  believes geomatics has taken over the world and is one of the most exciting industries to be involved in.

She says, “With all the cool technologies we use, we are the James Bond of engineering.”

Butterworth explains how having an expo in Calgary makes sense and brings excitement to more than just students.  Calgary is a geomatics industry centre since it has two post-secondary institutions that offer geomatics. Having an expo in the city will bring increased interest and attention to the industry, as well as inspiring those interested in pursuing a geomatics career.

Hongzhou Yang

Hongzhou Yang
Assistant Professor
University of Calgary

Another committee member, Hongzhou Yang, Educational Member and Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, says the geomatics expo is providing a platform for researchers, industry leaders, professionals and technology providers to exchange information together. They can share knowledge, discuss the latest trends and showcase advancements. Yang mentions Calgary has numerous companies, government agencies and organizations specializing in geomatics, remote sensing, GIS and other related fields. 

Yang also says, “Calgary is also home to several reputable educational institutions, which offers well-established geomatics program, research opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities and resources that are essential for geomatics studies. It’s great to see that GoGeomatics Expo to take place in Calgary!”

Yang says he is excited about the opportunity to showcase the University of Calgary’s geomatics programs, along with the latest research in the geomatics field.

He believes, “It will be interesting to network with experts and look for industrial collaboration and partnerships.”

Butterworth also feels the excitement in the air.

Education and Innovation Tracks

Several events at the Expo will emphasize science. technology, innovation… and fun! “I’m excited about so many things,” Butterworth says. “The SLAM SCAN-OFF is very exciting as it spotlights the very quickly advancing technology, but also highlights the importance of understanding why geomatics knowledge is important when using the newest innovations.  I’m excited to see the geomatics companies come to showcase their services and products.”

Since the geomatics industry is vast and dynamic, the GoGeomatics Expo allows everyone to see what the industry has been up to. Calgary will see what the industry is doing.

Butterworth is also excited about SAIT being showcased during theatre times. She is currently on the organizing committee, helping with brainstorming and decisions to attract interest in the expo. She is also coordinating theatre schedules with the University of Calgary for geomatics programs to come and talk about what they do. 

As an Expo committee member representing the University of Calgary, Yang says, “We are supporting the Expo by organizing the education section in a mixed form, including presentation and posters sections.”

Butterworth is assisting in the organizing of the SLAM scan-off, and being an advisor for the student capstone group managing and designing the control for the scan-off. The group scouted locations to hold the scan-off and are now doing an outside control survey. They will design the interior control survey for the scan-off route as well. 

Lance Hummel, a coworker of Butterworth’s, is also assisting with the control survey as their primary advisor.

There will also be the “Fast Pitches!” session at the Expo. This is where anyone attending can make a fast-paced pitch of their student project, paper, product, service, case study, or anything you think will impress a panel of judges and the audience. Prizes will be awarded. A  great opportunity to polish your presentation skills. The Expo is also looking for presenters for the education track.

Everyone is welcome to attend the GoGeomatics Expo and learn something new.

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