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Last Night’sTalk: The Art of Successfully Applying for Government Jobs in Geomatics

Last night’s social, which happened at the James Street Pub, was a great success! We had a total of 47 attendees which included students, entrepreneurs, teachers, professionals, and guest speaker Dr. Andrew Davidson. Andrew has a background in remote sensing and currently works for Agriculture Canada. He spoke to the group about the difficult process that is getting hired in the Federal Government. We would like to thank him for the great talk!

Here are some photos we took last night:

Ottawa January Social 1

Ottawa January Social 2

Ottawa January Social 3 - Dr. Andrew Davidson's talk

Ottawa January Social 4 - Dr. Andrew Davidson's talk

Ottawa January Social 5 - the crowd

Ottawa January Social 6 - the crowd

Ottawa January Social 7

Ottawa January Social 8 - group leader Deanna

Thank you to all who attended! We hope you had a great night. Join us for our next social happening Friday, February 28th! We are going to have the former Director of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Dr. Bob Ryerson, talk about the future of the remote sensing industry in Canada. Dr. Ryerson is an award-winning scientist, author, and senior executive in both government and industry in the remote sensing and geospatial field. He has been an invited speaker on every inhabited continent, and has been an elected leader of his field in both the USA and Canada. A Certified Mapping Scientist and Fellow of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, he has provided advice to and/or in more than forty countries world-wide in the area of mapping, geospatial analysis, and remote sensing.

For those of you who couldn’t make it out last night, here is a link to Dr. Andrew Davidson’s presentation: The Art of Successfully Applying to Government Jobs in Geomatics

If you are interested in sponsoring our next social, please contact info@gogeomatics.ca for more information.

We would also like to thank TECTERRA for sponsoring this month’s event.

Our Sponsor, TECTERRA

One comment on "Last Night’sTalk: The Art of Successfully Applying for Government Jobs in Geomatics"

  1. Tyler Veinot says:

    I understand that for Nova Scotia that Halifax is the “happening place” and is also fairly central for most professionals to meet up for these socials, however there is a large student body at the Centre of Geographic Sciences that would appreciate an opportunity to attend a social without driving the 2 hours into Halifax. Is there a possibility to hold one or two of these socials in the Annapolis Valley area? The End of the Line Pub is usually pretty good for holding events, and there are other places in Kingston, Wolfville, probably New Minas that would also offer a great venue for such socials. It is just a thought maybe something could be worked out.

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