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Launch of new Canadian Geospatial Training Site: GeoTechTraining

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new Geospatial training platform GeoTechTraining.com.

GoGeomatics is a constantly evolving enterprise that responds to the needs of the community. The success of the workshop week during GeoIgnite 2021 made it clear that there is a need in the market for high-quality low-cost training offered remotely on a year-round basis.

For the first phase of the rollout, GoGeomatics is presenting a mix of tried and true courses and as well as some new ones. Take a look:

Geospatial Job Hunting Seminar: October 16, 2021

I am taking the honour of being the first instructor to offer a course, and it is my Geospatial Career Seminar. I teach resume writing and geospatial job hunting strategies.

GIS Project Management Practices Workshop: October 20, 2021

The second course is being offered by Peter Croswell. This half-day workshop cuts through the theory and fluff to present, in practical terms, the essential practices for successful GIS project planning and management. Peter is an expert in information technology and GIS implementation and management with over 40 years experience as an IT and GIS practitioner, program manager, and IT/GIS consultant.

Introduction to QGIS: October 26 & 27, 2021

This 8-hour workshop delivered over two days is designed to introduce you to QGIS 3.x, an open source GIS software for viewing, editing, and managing spatial data in a wide variety of commonly used vector and raster formats. This training is accredited by the QGIS folks so you will get a certificate upon completion. Our instructor is Randal Hale and he has been in the geospatial industry for over 25 years. Randal mainly works with Free and Open Source Software For Geoinformatics (FOSS4G). He volunteers with the QGIS Community and serves as an “at large” member of osgeo.us.

Do you have a Geospatial course you want to offer to the community?

If you have a course you want to offer to the community, GoGeomatics wants to hear from you. The system we are using allows us to host any number of training opportunities, so if you as an individual or as an organization want to offer your course(s), please get in touch with us!

Get in touch by emailing info@gogeomatics.ca or by using our contact form at the bottom of the site.

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