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Master Class training available online: GIS Project Management April 30th at GeoIgnite

This half-day workshop cuts through the theory and fluff to present, in practical terms, the essential practices for successful GIS project planning and management. Its intent is to provide project managers, teams, and stakeholders with the key actions methods, and tools to launch and execute successful projects—delivering results on time and on budget providing valuable deliverables to the customers and user community. It is applicable to all types of GIS projects and covers the following topics:

Peter Croswell is one of the worlds top GIS project managers. GoGeomatics and the GeoIgnite conference is thrilled to provide a platform for his master class for GIS project management. This workshop is so good it’s the only one that has a ticket of $250 in order for the conference to provide this opportunity.

Jonathan Murphy Chair of GeoIgnite

· Business Needs and Strategic Foundation for Projects

· Choosing and prioritizing projects

· Defining scope, purpose, context

· Workplan preparation

· Estimating/assigning resources

· Project tracking, status reporting, and communications

· Procurement for GIS projects

· Project quality management

· Project closure

If you are already a seasoned project manager, this workshop will confirm practices you are already applying (or should be applying) and augment your PM toolbox with some new ideas and methods. If you are a new project manager or a staff person interested in moving into a management role, you’ll find the practical content to be an extremely valuable introduction to project management practices.

This event is provided exclusively in Canada by GoGeomatics and costs $250 plus tax. This ticket will also provide you entrance to the rest of the GeoIgnite conference.

Peter Croswell, PMP, GISP, CMS is an expert in information technology and GIS implementation and management with over 40 years experience as an IT and GIS practitioner, program manager, and an IT/GIS consultant. As a consultant for the past 35 years, he has managed and worked on a range of GIS and IT assessment, planning, design, and implementation projects for government, private sector, and non-profit organizations in the US, Canada, Europe, China, and the Caribbean region. He currently serves as President of Croswell-Schulte Information Technology Consultants, based in Frankfort KY, USA. He is a former URISA President, author of many professional publications including The GIS Management Handbook, and is an instructor in the Penn State University Online Geospatial Education Program.

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