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Online Geospatial Job Hunting Workshop: May 23rd 2020

GoGeomatics has taken our popular geospatial career seminars online.  Over the past 8 years, Jonathan Murphy, Canada’s geomatics career coach, has provided hundreds of geospatial job seekers expert advice and guidance finding employment.

Saturday May 23rd Join us for online Geospatial Job Workshop.

Jonathan is the author of the E-book International Employment guide to geospatial careers in Canada.  GoGeomatics is now able to offer our career seminar online through Zoom to GIS, Remote Sensing, Geomatics and geospatial job seekers. 

This half day online seminar is designed to give current and future GIS professionals the tools they need to succeed in the competitive geomatics job market.

Who Should Attend this Geospatial Career Seminar May 23rd?

Those looking to present a polished technical resume for work in the geospatial sector. Job seekers looking to shorten the time they are looking for work, and increase the number of opportunities available in a tough job market. If you are unsure your resume and cover letters are presenting your skills and qualifications in the best possible manner you should participate.

A wide variety of topics will be covered during this half day seminar, including:

  • Geospatial Job Market Trends during pandemic
  • Specialty cover letters for GIS & remote sensing
  • Professional associations – should you join one?
  • Specialized GIS & Geospatial job hunting strategies
  • How to analyse a geospatial job posting
  • Portfolios
  • Salaries & remuneration
  • How to handle recruiters
  • Your LinkedIn profile 
  • Career strategies
  • The interview
  • The fundamentals of successful online networking

We have one upcoming date for you to participate. Join us this May. To register visit the event website here http://locationtechjobs.com/

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