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Photos of the March GoGeomatics Socials: Calgary, Ottawa & Toronto

The GoGeomatics Canada Socials in March were great events.  I was in Alberta for the launch of the Calgary GoGeomatics social.  You can see more info and photos on the Calgary GoGeomatics group here.  If you want to be added to any of the socials email reminders list please drop me a message. jmurphy@gogeomatics.net

I wanted to share some photos from Toronto and Ottawa of our recent March events.  Corey Trott our Toronto group leader took a panorama photo with his mobile of the event.  Here you can see all of us listening intently to Dr. Eric Vaz a Prof at Ryerson University give a talk on crowd sourced land cover data for the Golden Triangle.

Intergraph was also at the event and talked about the company and the great opportunities their are with them.  I want to thank them for buying the snacks for the Toronto social. Much appreciated!

Toronto GoGeomatics Social group at the Fox having a pint or two.
In Ottawa we had we also had another great turnout with at least 25 geomatics enthusiasts turning out.  Some of the geomatics companies at the event were looking to hire and that was definitely exciting for the job seekers and students in the group.

Intergraph was the sponsor of the Ottawa GoGeomatics Social in March and encouraged everyone to attend the Intergraph World Tour event in Ottawa on the 16th of April.  I’ll be at the event in Ottawa. The event is free and they are showcasing their software.  I really like that they have a networking session after the event.

The Ottawa group networking and having a good time at the GoGeomatics social.

Before I sign off on this post I want to give a shout out to the geomatics engineering club at York University who have been coming our regularly to the Toronto GoGeomatics Socials.  Great to have you guys on board and I’ll see you at the next social!

GoGeomatics Canada socials are always free and always fun!  Come out and network with the Canadian geomatics community to find a job maybe a new business opportunity or a new friend.  I’ll see you there.  Check the group pages for locations and dates. 

The next social is in Calgary is coming up on the 10th of April 2013.

We will see you at The Libertine Public House. 8th Avenue SW #223

  • Wednesday April 10th 6:00 pm

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