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The First GoGeomatics Canada Newsletter

We have our first GoGeomatics Canada Newsletter.  With over 5,000 geomatics subscribers the whole team is excited to start communicating jobs, events, and news to the community.  If you are not already a subscriber you can sign up using the tool on the front page of the site on the right and scrolling down a bit.  GoGeomatics.ca

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GoGeomatics Canada

This Months Sponsor

The first two issues of the newsletter are being sponsored by Locate Press; they have published a great new book The Geospatial Desktop: Open Source GIS & Mapping.

The newsletter has the most recent Canadian Geomatics jobs and events along with magazine articles from the GoGeomatics.ca webmagazine.

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

With over 5,000 subscribers our newsletter is a great tool to get your message out on events and jobs or even products and services that you have of interest to Canadian geomatics professionals and businesses.

In the GoGeomatics Canada Linkedin Group we are running a poll to come up with a new name for the newsletter.  We are running a generic title until the name is settled so please get your votes in.

GoGeomatics Newsletter Poll

The First Newsletter has Articles From:

It’s Time for a Moon Shot for the Spatial Sector in Canada!

     By James Boxall

The Geospatial Desktop: Open Source Tools

     By Tyler Mitchell

Relying on Technology for EMS in Canada – Pros and Cons

     By Deanna Sokoloski

Strategies for Finding a Canadian Geomatics Job

     By Jon Murphy

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Congrats GG. I voted for the name on the gogeomatics linkedin group!

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