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The Top Six Canadian Geomatics Stories of September 2013

As September has come to a close, we wanted to round up some of the most interesting geomatics-related stories of the month. From innovative developments to prestigious award winners, here are the top six Canadian geomatics stories of September 2013.

6: KBM Heads to the Clouds

In this Northern Ontario Business article, Ian Ross introduces us to KBM Resources, a successful Northern Ontario-based consulting firm.  This article covers the firm`s recent purchase of a $1 million Trimble LiDAR system, as well as their plans for the future.

5: Elizabeth Cannon appointed Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Research Knowledge Network

On October 4, 2013, Elizabeth Cannon, a geomatics expert at the forefront of GPS since 1984, will be commencing a three-year term as the Chair of CNW`s Board of Directors. The CNW announcement includes an overview of Ms. Cannon`s impressive career, and serves as an inspiring success story for geomatics professionals.

4: New Satellite Receiver Showcased at Prince Albert Station

The recent inauguration of the first of four remote sensing antennae gives us an opportunity to reflect on the role geomatics plays in Canada`s economy. In this Prince Albert Daily Herold article, Jody Schellenberg walks us through Canada`s growing geomatics market, particularly in Seskachewan, as well as our country`s superb history of innovation in the field.

3: TECTERRA, CAC and MEC Lead Development of Smartphone App for Avalanche Risk Management

Smartphone apps are a frontier of opportunity for the geomatics industry. This article covers the announcement of TECTERRA, CAC and MEC’s development of a geospatial smartphone app that provides real-time snow conditions to its users.

2: Alex Miller ESRI: What is the single most important thing to consider when hiring?

In this 30-Second Mentor video, Alex Miller, president and founder of ESRI Canada, is asked “what is the most important thing to consider when hiring”. In only half a minute, Mr. Miller can give you valuable insight into the minds and methods of your potential employers.

1: Carleton’s Cartographer Draws the Map Differently

This Ottawa Citizen article profiles Fraser Taylor, a Carleton University cartographer who recently became the first Canadian to win Mannerfelt Gold Medal.  It is not only Mr. Taylor’s success in his geomatics career, but his contributions to the geomatics community that make this article a worthwhile read.

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