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High Resolution Mapping Along the Coastal Zone: CIG & GANS Workshop 7 – 8 February 2017

The Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia (GANS) and the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG) Nova Scotia Chapter would like to invite you to a workshop at the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) in Lawrencetown. This two day event will be of interest to industry, non-profit groups, associations, academia and all levels of government in Canada and abroad.


Event Website & Registration information

The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts from the world geospatial community in remote sensing, cartography, surveying, artificial intelligence, engineering, and other geographic related disciplines.

The coastal zone, that dynamic geographic region where the interaction of the sea and land occurs, is vital to the lifestyle and economy of Atlantic Canada.

Where: Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada
When: 7 – 8 February, 2017

This is a great opportunity to learn about the recent geospatial technological developments and to exchange views and ideas on the future directions of high resolution in geomatics research, applications and services. With several opportunities for networking, it will also help engage the geospatial community in Atlantic Canada, increasing awareness of the benefits of using geospatial data and tools for effective decision making.

All refreshment breaks, lunches and dinner included with registration and open to all, including GANS members, CIG members and anyone else interested in technologies suitable for mapping in the coastal zone.

For further information, please contact:
Chair  CIG Nova Scotia Chapter – Tim Webster – Email: timothy.webster@nscc.ca

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