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RouteMagic: A Unique Way of Mapping Your Bike Route

Always at the forefront, the CycleMap application is revolutionising how people plan their bike rides with its RouteMagic, a new and unique feature that, in a matter of seconds, provides customized biking loop path, a first in the universe of biking applications. With use, RouteMagic gradually gets to know its cyclists and suggests itineraries suited to their tastes, making their excursions more exciting than ever all over the world!


With the introduction of RouteMagic, CycleMap reaches new heights thanks to the ingenuity of its designers, who have developed a new and highly efficient technology that can, in no time at all, suggest different routes that are optimized according to bike paths and individual capabilities, with or without loops.

“There’s nothing like it on the market. Whether cyclists are looking for a ride with panoramic views or a loop with steep gradients, they will quickly find the route best adapted to their profile. A feature that may appear simple, but one that required thousands of hours of hard work and field testing,” explains David Boudreault, president and co-founder of Ratomic Lab, the firm behind CycleMap.

To date, CycleMap indexes a network of cycle paths totalling over 2.5 million kilometres across the globe. Being able to process open data in some 100 countries delivers unprecedented results.

“It’s a tremendous feat for a start-up! Everyone has worked with heart and passion. We were amazed to see that CycleMap has been used for more than 100,000 hours around the world since it was launched,” Mr. Boudreault is proud to point out.


CycleMap is now available for Android at Google Play and on the Web. These versions include RouteMagic as well as most of the features that made the iOS version so successful. So far, the CycleMap app has already been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times worldwide.

What’s more, CycleMap recently enhanced its services with a voice-guided navigation system (GPS) and user profile for an improved experience. “Whether they’re visiting Montreal, Berlin or Chicago, users will no longer get lost on a bike trip. The application signals where to turn in real time just like a car’s GPS. CycleMap is without a doubt the best interactive map for planning a bike ride!” Mr. Boudreault says.

It should be pointed out that CycleMap also enables bike-share fans to check, in real time, the availability of public bicycles in several hundred cities around the world. The application also shows users where the closest station is located.

CycleMap works closely with the cycling community in order to respond the most accurately and more quickly to their needs. “It’s an application developed for and by cyclists. Be it for a family bike ride or cycling tourism, to train or to bike to work, CycleMap is an indispensable application for all cyclists,” Mr. Boudreault asserts.


CycleMap is a mobile application powered by Ratomic Lab, which consolidates in a single program all the data needed to create customized biking itineraries on the network of bike paths or roads anywhere in the world. CycleMap also offers a wide range of additional features such as the type of bike path, its surface and elevation, the points of interest along the way and allows users to access maps in offline mode, all of which enhances the cyclist’s experience every time it is used. CycleMap is available for free on the App Store, Google Play as well as on the Web.


CycleMap / web.cyclemapapp.com /

Android / play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyclemapapp.cmandroid /

iOS / itunes.apple.com/app/cyclemap/id528869692 /

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