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Sight Surveillance Provides Mobile Command Centres Using Geomatics

The Canadian geomatics industry is full of small and medium-sized companies offering innovative products and services. One such company is Sight Surveillance, a Sexsmith, Alberta-based personnel tracking system, providing coverage in remote work areas of Western Canada. Created in 2011, Sight Surveillance provides interesting solutions to field-based problems: Mobile command centres.

GoGeomatics caught up with Lindsay Wadsworth, partner at Sight Surveillance, to shine a spotlight on his company – where they started, their core services and values, and what the future has in store.

sight surveillance mcc

GoGeomatics: Where did the idea for Sight Surveillance come from?

Lindsay: The idea was spawned from working within the Seismic Industry and having no idea where all our workers were during working hours. Replying on a stand-alone medic writing down the workers’ locations, and not having to check on them again for another 2 hours. Any one person or piece of equipment can cover a lot of ground in two hours.

I wanted to be able to create a solution that enabled us to have real time information of our workers and be able to provide answers to questions based on location.

sight surveillance 2

GoGeomatics: How would you describe the impact of Sight Surveillance’s services?

Lindsay: In the big picture the answer is simple: Mission Critical Decisions!

We are able to tailor our services to each of our clients, with the common denominator being the ability to make quick decisions based on the location of all workers at any time. However, each client also takes something different away as well, such as access to incoming data to input into their system, Direct IP connection, the ability to view the same information anywhere within the worksite, and creating maps based on information collected from the incoming data, as well as other means of communication.

GoGeomatics: Sight Surveillance provides “mobile command centres.” Can you explain how these work?

Lindsay: We have modeled our business to be able to be a stand-alone service, without the need for cellular or satellite connectivity, and this can only be achieved by being within range of all the “sensors” in the field. With that being said, we have constructed a MCC (Mobile Command Center) to house some pretty intense communication equipment, allowing us to provide a robust and powerful way to be the hub to move both voice and data traffic. They are built to withstand the brutal Canadian winters, as well as the rough oilfield roads, both winter and summer. These units are built for off-road use and to function at peak performance when disconnected from the world!

mobile command centre

GoGeomatics: What industries can benefit from this service?

Lindsay: We have a strong presence in Geophysical Exploration operations, Winter Drilling Operations, and Wildfire Operations with the Government of Alberta.

GoGeomatics: What feedback have you received from your clients?

Lindsay: Overall, the positive consensus is in the safety aspect of the service we provide. Being able to solve problems and dispatch people quickly is a key element to any worksite, worldwide. As we grew, we also learned that everyone loves a map! From there, we decided to ensure we were able to provide a great map with the most up-to-date site information. Our hiring process is based highly on the tech’s education and experience in GIS and cartography.

GoGeomatics: You currently have a fleet of six units. Are there plans to expand?

Lindsay: Today, we want to ensure we are providing the most value to our clientele, and we’re striving to adapt and evolve with their needs. As a small company, we have had growing pains and development moguls to overcome. We have some large contracts on the burner right now that will allow us the capital to expand in a manner that ensures quality service over volume. So the sort answer is yes, we have plans, but not without keeping our core values in place.

GoGeomatics: What does the future hold for Sight Surveillance?

Lindsay: In 5 years, we want to be able to provide a service that fulfills our pending patents within our software development team, have a fleet of 20 or more units and continue to be the industry leader for Onsite Surveillance of Personnel and Assets.

Our 10 year plan is similar to the 5 year plan, just more of everything!

GoGeomatics thanks Lindsay Wadsworth for participating in this interview. For more information on Sight Surveillance, visit their website.

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