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Submit Your Questions on the Canadian Geomatics Environmental Scan

GoGeomatics is busy preparing for the soon-to-be released Canadian Geomatics Environmental Scan and Value Study. A summary report synthesizing the findings of these two studies has recently been made public, and it’s already bringing up a lot of interesting findings from the studies. The summary report is a quick read, and we highly encourage everyone to browse through it over your morning coffee. You can download the summary here.

After the studies are released, GoGeomatics will be conducting a series of interviews with key players on this project to get background information and insight into the process and the findings of the studies.

we want to hear from you

We want to hear from you. This is your chance to submit any questions you have about the Summary Report and participate in an exciting chapter in Canadian geomatics!

We’ll be interviewing Prashant Shukle (Director General, CCMEO, Earth Sciences, NRCan), and Peter Sullivan (Surveyor General of Canada). We’ll also be talking to some of the people who were in charge of creating the report: Ed Kennedy (Senior Associate, HAL), and David Arthurs (President, HAL).

Read the Summary Report and send GoGeomatics any questions that you would like us to include in our interviews. You can leave your questions in a comment below, email info@gogeomatics.ca, or tweet @GoGeomatics.

GoGeomatics Canada is your go-to news source on the Canadian Geomatics Environmental Scan and Value Study. It is our goal to create an open conversation with the community through our online magazine, social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook), and monthly networking socials.

Please note that we can’t guarantee every question will make it to the interview – we’ll be vetting all questions as they are submitted.

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