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The Canadian Remote Sensing Society Wants Your Data

OK. They don’t want all your data, just some of it.

What they really want is your most compelling and interesting data to showcase on their new website  Do you have some drone video you’ve been dying to share?  What about some cool analysis you did with Landsat?  CRSS-SCT REMOTE SENSING LOGO_sm

The Canadian Remote Sensing Society (CRSS-SCT) is developing a new website and as part of this  website development, CRSS would like to incorporate representative examples of remotely sensed imagery to showcase to website visitors. This will be a great way to showcase your data or analysis.

If you have some good examples that you would like to contribute,  please send them to Desmond Power who is spear heading this effort.

For any contributions of imagery the CRSS will need the following:

*    Imagery Source and imaging parameters (date, resolution, bands, etc)
*    Copyright Information (if you don’t have the copyright to the image, CRSS will need to obtain permission to publish it on the website)
*    Contributor name

If you have any questions, please email directly to des.power@c-core.ca

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