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Conference: Where Geomatics Meets GeoScience

With now only one month to go until the 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference (VGC 2016) takes place in Bergen, Norway, updated details of the event and programme have been released. VGC 2016 is a forum for multidisciplinary communication between researchers and practitioners in geomatics and the broad arms of the geosciences.

Title: Virtual Geoscience Conference 2016 (VGC 2016)
Dates: 21-23 September 2016
Location: Bergen, Norway

The motivation comes from massive growth in the use of close-range measurement techniques, especially terrestrial laser scanning, photogrammetry/structure from motion and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which have been driven by advances in hardware and processing software. In addition, new imaging methods are being integrated, such as multi- and hyperspectral imaging, thermal cameras and ground-based InSAR. The result is rapid uptake by geoscientists, with geomatics becoming a fundamental basis in a diverse range of application areas. The conference encourages interaction between the disciplines, with the aim of promoting collaboration.vgc-flyer

A diverse range of applications will be represented at VGC 2016 including geology, glaciology, geomorphology and natural hazards, volcanology, environmental monitoring and the mapping of other planets. Method developments, such as in-feature detection, visualisation software, virtual reality and UAVs, will also be represented. Leading experts in their respective fields will be present, making the event a true gathering of ‘spatial geoscientists’.

The programme includes the following highlights:

  • Keynote speeches on the state-of-the-art of visualisation in geoscience, and a high-profile look at managing risks associated with landslides in the Norwegian fjords.
  • Dedicated poster and interactive sessions to encourage networking opportunities.
  • A panel discussion investigating the current issues and trends in the sector.
  • Short courses on Virtual Geoscience, given by the hosts, and the open-source software CloudCompare, given by its creator, Dr Daniel Girardeau-Montaut.
  • Co-hosting of the 4th IQmulus project workshop.
  • Icebreaker and Conference Dinner showcasing the beautiful city of Bergen.

VGC 2016 is being hosted by the Virtual Outcrop Geology Group at Uni Research AS, Bergen, from 21-23 September 2016. For more details and information, see the website.

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