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The Importance of Students & Young Professionals in Canada’s Geomatics Community

With the help of our sponsors GoGeomatics Canada is bringing students and young geospatial professionals together at 11 events from coast to coast (Complete list dates & locations is here).  Our September Back to School GoGeomatics Socials have quickly become a new tradition within the Canadian geomatics community.

Jonathan Murphy the founder of GoGeomatics Canada had this to say about our socials:

Throughout the year our socials are THE networking events for students searching for employment post-grad and during the summer. From job shadowing and volunteer work, CO-OP and internships, to even permanent employment, many local businesses and organizations attend GoGeomatics socials.  These networking events are fun and always free.  We encourage everyone to make connections, talk about jobs, skills, and establish life long connections strengthening our sector.

GoGeomatics has asked each of our sponsors why it’s so important they support the Back to School Socials and all those who attend. Here is what they had to say in support of our efforts.

Back to School Social Gold Sponsors:

Esri CanadaEsri Canada: GoGeomatics Back to School Socials allow Esri staff to chat with students informally face-to-face about the company, their program of study, and the Canadian GIS industry in general. This is our third year of sponsorship and it is great to see more students at these events on each occasion.

GITAGeospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA):
By supporting the GoGeomatics Canada “Back to School Socials,” The members and board of directors of GITA are showing their support to all the new and returning geospatial students and wish them much success in this coming school year. Gathering such as the “Back to School Socials” are an integral part of networking for not only students and professors, but also for geospatial practitioners. GITA is the premier geospatial association focused on the industrial, infrastructure and energy sectors. GITA encourages all students and professors take a look at the educational offerings GITA provides, and consider joining or starting an educational affiliate for your college or university. GITA is the premier geospatial association focused on the industrial, infrastructure and energy sectors.

CIG logoCanadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG):  Students and young professionals are the future of the geomatics profession in Canada, an incredibly diverse field that is increasingly important in our society and evolves very rapidly. We are then excited to support the Back to School Socials to help consolidate our geomatics community and discuss with students how CIG can best support them in the future!

Back to School Social Silver Sponsors:

digital_globesmDigitalGlobe: The next generation of Canada’s geospatial professionals are attending GoGeomatics networking socials across Canada and DigitalGlobe wants to be a part of that and support it.

langaraLangara College: The Langara Geographic Informations Systems program supports young Geospatial professionals because of tremendous growth in the use of GIS by business, government and individuals. GIS is being used more often as people and organizations look for easy, understandable ways to tell their stories through sharing and  analysis of geographic data. Geospatial skills are now in demand across a broader range of industries  and positions than ever before and we want our students to be ahead of this curve.

stantec_clr_pos_cmyk_5Stantec: Stantec is proud to support Canada’s young geomatics professionals in British Columbia. Stantec prides itself on combining the expertise and local knowledge of staff in British Columbia with Stantec’s company-wide resources throughout North America. Our transportation team has recently added significant expertise with some new staff based out of our Kamloops office. Stantec is now able to provide a full range of survey and geomatics services to any project. And since the key to our success is our people, we are eager to help develop the next generation of professionals who will help create our communities. That means providing potential employees with tools, mentorship, and opportunities to build long and successful careers.

Brandt-logo-black-orange_smallBrandt: Brandt recognizes the future decision makers are the trained and skilled students that are newly graduating and recently graduated. Brandt’s commitment to technology has created opportunities for employment of these highly skilled and trained graduates. Whether it is customer training, service, or technical sales there are many possibilities for a fit within one of Canada’s top 50 managed companies. Congratulations to all graduates and we look forward to working with you in the upcoming year!

Mcelhanney-rgb-surveyingMcElhanney: At McElhanney, we value supporting the future generations of geomatics students and professionals because we are passionate about what we do and are proud to provide learning opportunities in a positive learning environment. We believe it’s important to support and grow a strong geospatial community where people have the opportunity to connect for future success.

GMBluePlanGM BluePlan: Geospatial sciences is rapidly becoming a prominent component of many decision support systems in a variety of markets and fields. As such, we at GM BluePlan feel that it is important to support the “next generation” of professionals in this field of study.

kim logo_finalBob Ryerson Kim Geomatics: When I started my career there were many opportunities for students – I was offered four well-paying and permanent positions before I had even begun to write my PhD thesis.  But even with a wonderful job market there were senior and very well-known people who had been around for a while like Roger Tomlinson, Ernie Hardy, Jim Anderson, and Larry Philpotts who helped out by providing advice, contacts, and even imagery.  Throughout my very successful and financially rewarding career I have seen it as my duty to give back to the field by providing advice and mentoring support to deserving students and young people who exhibit the fire and passion for the field of geography that I have had for fifty years thanks to a wonderful group of teachers and professors. Support for the GoGeomatics Canada socials is a continuation of that duty.

hw_logo_coloursmHalifax Regional Water Commission:  Halifax Water sees the importance of developing our young GIS professionals as they begin their careers in the geomatics industry. Having a strong, skilled pool of GIS professionals certainly helps industry to fill vacancies with competent individuals and remain competitive in their business areas. Halifax Water is happy to support the education and development of these GIS professionals through networking opportunities such as the Back to School social.

glocate_logoG-Locate Technologies: G-Locate business is geomatics technology and the future of the technology is in the hands of our young professionals and students.  Supporting the GoGeomatics socials across Canada is part of our commitment to the future the Canadian geomatics sector.

limgeomatics_logoLim Geomatics: Lim Geomatics supports Canadian geomatics students and young professionals because we were all students at one point in time and it’s important for the Canadian geomatics industry to support its own and ensure that they know that this industry is flush with opportunities.

stantec_clr_pos_cmyk_5Canadian GIS & Geomatics Network: GoGeomatics has done something very special in Canada by bringing together students, young professionals  at live networking events in communities across Canada.  Our network supports this effort and the geomatics community.

All of us at Geomatics Canada want to thank each and every sponsor for supporting the GoGeomatics community in Canada and the future of our sector.  We will see all of you at our socials across Canada this month.  Here is a complete list of the events and locations.

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  1. Bob Maher says:

    Kudos to everyone engaged in these networking opportunities. Even in the rural parts of Canada, away from the main centres of population, it is possible to connect remotely through the Internet.

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