Leica GPS survey control base
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Where will your Geomatics Career Bring You?

“Should you Specialize or Diversify?”
Leica GPS survey control base

Something many of us in geomatics often come across in our careers is whether or not we should be specialized on a specific geomatics aspect (like a certain software or skill set)  or should we diversify and become competent in a multitude of geomatics related disciplines.

One particular problem with being really specialized in something is that although you become an expert in something you can often be too focused, and potentially closing other doors or limiting possible career paths. When you diversify you can still become specialized in things but at a lesser extent yet work with more components of the industry.

When I started off my geomatics career I thought it was better to become specialized in a particular trait and that would maintain my career path. Well that did work out pretty good for a few years, and I became very efficient in one aspect of geomatics (orthophotography and imagery analysis).

However one day I realized that I was focused only a narrow spectrum of the skills that I had worked so hard to learn. As a result I was losing many other skill-sets that I had developed.

“My career and has allowed me to be involved in many projects that go well beyond what my education prepared me for.”

Since then I have almost gone to the other extreme and have become diversified, experienced and well rounded with a multitude of geomatics skills which has in turn often provided me an edge in my career and has allowed me to be involved in many projects that go well beyond what my COGS education prepared me for. And I find that it makes for a more interesting career when your job allows you to combine a multitude of different geomatics aspects together.

Now, everyone is different and the great thing about the Canadian geomatics industry is that there are plenty of opportunities to Specialize or Diversify, so perhaps you should consider ‘Where will your Geomatics Career Bring You?’ when you are sending out your resumes. Do go out there, network and get advice from others, But do what best suits your career aspirations.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel all over North and Central America with my jobs over the years and recently I came back from doing some field work in Newfoundland & Labrador and since last month’s GoGeomatics theme was “Canadian Surveying & Surveyors” Jonathan asked if I could share some of my photos from the trip with the GoGeomatics Magazine.

The five week trip involved GPS and total station survey work in many remote scenic locations with pretty decent weather (only a few days of snow). I have included a few photos below, but you can find more on my Flickr photo account or on my blog where I frequently add photos and information about my trips and projects that I have been involved with.


6 comments on "Where will your Geomatics Career Bring You?"

  1. guglielmo marusso says:

    I do this work for 36 years, i wish to relocate permanent any chance ?
    Thanks Marusso Guglielmo

    1. Surveying companies in Canada are constantly looking for people to do work just like this. Canadian survey related jobs are popping up constantly, you can start by checking any one of the following places to help you in your job search:


  2. Jill says:

    Nice photos, i like the way you used an HDR filter to make the colors pop out. How did you get to travel so much, was there courses that helped out more?

  3. Debbie says:

    I have been out of the GIS/Cartography industry for 10 years to raise my family. How do I get back in?

    1. Brian says:

      Portfolios, porfolios, portfolios if you want to compete with the legions of people with GIS certs being produced by every university and college like a herd of walkers.

      Also: Follow this person. http://www.gretchenpeterson.com/blog/

  4. Muhammad Usman says:

    Dear Ted,

    I am red-green colorblind and I want to pursue a career in Geomatics. Do you think its an appropriate choice?

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