Debunking Dust Bowl Dogma

Required reading in numerous U.S. history survey courses, it is the consummate tale of human folly: the Dust Bowl. The…

A to B – (A Geographers Journey) Part 2

In the first installment of A-B, I ended with my realization that I was 36 and returning to university. I had…

Top 10 Canadian Geomatics Twitter Feeds

We have scoured the net and reviewed a number of Canadian Twitter streams. Skilled tweeters can pack a good deal of pertinent information and keen insight into 140 characters. The trouble is, they can be hard to find in a swelling sea of self-aggrandizing micro bloggers. That’s why we have assembled a list of the top ten Twitter feeds from Canadian geomatics professionals, personalities, and organizations.

Jean-François Dionne – Senior Geomatics Specialist at WESA Group Inc in Ottawa

The first GoGeomatics Canada interview for February is with Jean-François Dionne. He is the Senior Geomatics Specialist at WESA Group…

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